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Change the way of doing business.

Way too often in our lifes we don’t have the small things in eye.
That’s also true for business cards. The mission of corcle is to think the business card new and offer a long overdue digital solution.¬†
corcle will revolutionize the way how contacts are made and managed, thus will increase efficiency and in addition help people all over the world.

Why corcle?

Individual business cards

App to transmit a freely designed business card that is, enriched by other medial elements and additional information about the person or the company in a profile.

Augmented Reality

Transferring a digital business card and interact with it over Augmented Reality to emphasize cultural norms.

Social Mission

You have the choice if you want to donate to social projects that saves the environment and help people all over the world.

Contacts Management

An intelligent order-system will help you to organize you contacts and guarantee that a contact is never lost again.

Intelligent Notes

Moreover, all additional information that emerged out of the personal talk with the potential customers will be saved through an AI-questionnaire tailored to once information-needs.


Users are independent of the other person having the app or not. Corcle offers also the possibility to scan physical business cards and transfer it into the app or transfer a standard vCard QR-code.

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"Those who know the work on fairs and the many daily business appointmens, will greatly appreciate the use of corcle's digital business card."

Thomas Brand - former CEO of Zeppelin GmbH

"corcle and its inspiring team are on the verge of disrupting the old school market of business cards as we know it."

Sebastian Bartling - ex Google Senior Media Agency Consultant, current Owner & MD @ Philoneos GmbH